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The three museums the Royal Armoury, Skokloster Castle and The Hallwyl Museum constitute a government agency, accountable to the Ministry of Culture. The government agency is headed by a Director General. The museums base their work on a national cultural policy resolution enacted by the Swedish Parliament. 

Our mission is to preserve our collections and contribute to a living and accessible cultural heritage.

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In 1628 King Gustavus Adolphus decided that the clothing that he had worn during his Polish campaign should be “preserved in the armoury as a permanent commemoration of the war”. This laid the foundations for the Royal Armoury, Sweden’s oldest museum.

The Royal Armoury

Visit one of the world’s finest Baroque castles, located in beautiful surroundings on the shore of Mälaren, close to Arlanda! Skokloster Castle is one of the world’s most important baroque museums and the largest aristocratic home ever built in Sweden.

Skokloster Castle

Leave the noise of the city behind you and step 100 years back in time! Walk through the doors of the Hallwyl Museum, located at No.4 Hamngatan in the heart of Stockholm, and discover the countess' Wilhelmina von Hallwyl magnificant home.

The Hallwyl Museum

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Our museums’ collections are available online. In our database you find over 90 000 object records.

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Our museums are an integral part of our cultural heritage. Our mission is contri-bute to an accessible cultural heritage that improves our understanding of both the present day and our origins.

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The collections in our three museums are unique and are therefore in high demand for exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad.

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The three museums which make up the government agency have a long tradition of publishing books, papers and reports. 

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