Vision 2014

The work we have carried out on our strategy and brand promise has given rise to our vision, which we aim to put into practice by 2014.

  • We must be seen as open, active and dynamic
  • We must play a role in the development of knowledge within society
  • We must have an open approach which encourages participation and involvement

Strategy for change

Our vision describes our objectives, the position that we want to reach. Our strategy explains how we will get there. We can put our vision into practice by:

  • Taking the initiative on collaborating in different areas. Together we can make a greater impact. Our museums are meeting places for many different stakeholders.
  • Adapting our educational programme, taking an active part in social media and prioritising the right of children and young people to access culture. Educational activities are a natural part of everything we do.
  • Moving objects, archives and pictures which are not on display to a warehouse which meets the necessary requirements for storage and provides a good working environment.
  • Developing our fourth museum. The digital museum allows the public to encounter us in a new way and offers the opportunity to acquire knowledge and to take part and become involved in what we do.
  • We will make our collections available to the general public, educational establishments and researchers by developing our collection database.
  • Enhancing our ability to communicate with the world around us by clearly profiling our museums and planning activities for different target groups in the long term.
  • Continuing to develop joint processes and working methods. This will enable us to work efficiently and to maintain the right skills.
  • Improving our way of working by setting goals, planning and following up the results.
  • Developing a good working environment with good managers.
  • Ensuring that we have sound finances.

Search the collections

Our museums’ collections are available online. In our database you find over 90 000 object records.


Our museums are an integral part of our cultural heritage. Our mission is contribute to an accessible cultural heritage that improves our understanding of both the present day and our origins.


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