The three museums which make up the government agency have a long tradition of publishing books, papers and reports. The publications and reports are the result of documentation, research and development projects which take place at the museums.

The Royal Armoury

The Royal Armoury has produced a wide range of books relating to Swedish royal cultural heritage, which provide information about the armoury’s unique collections. These include books about weapons and armour, costumes, horse riding and carriages and ceremonial history. There are also publications concerning the Royal Armoury’s special exhibitions and exhibitions at museums in other countries which have loaned objects from the Royal Armoury.

Skokloster Castle

"Skokloster studies" is a series of documents covering the museum’s collections and cultural history. Since Skokloster Castle became government-owned in 1967, it has produced a total of 38 publications. The last book in the series was issued in 2011 and is entitled “A Unique Polish Collection from the Skokloster Castle Library”. The book is the result of a collaboration lasting several years with the Department of Slavic Languages at Stockholm University.

A revised edition covering museums and castles around the Baltic Sea is in the course of publication in collaboration with The Association of Castles and Museums around the Baltic Sea. There is also a magnificent and richly illustrated volume entitled “Skoklosters slott under 350 år” (Skokloster Castle over 350 years) which describes the history of the castle and all of the interesting people connected to it.

The Hallwyl Museum

The Hallwyl Museum regularly publishes its own documents which contain information relating to the museum’s art and craft collections and its cultural and personal history. These include books about the museum’s art collection, about the Ljusne Woxna AB company which is the source of the family’s wealth and about Wilhelmina von Hallwyl who set up the museum.

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